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Polskie Radio is Poland's largest public radio station. It broadcasts news, culture, and music programs in several languages. It also operates hundreds of local radio stations across the country. It is owned by the State Treasury of Poland. It is also a member of the National Media Council. It also has a website that provides information on the station.

Polskie Radio's history begins in 1926 when it broadcasted the first programs from Warsaw. In September 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Poland. In that year, Polskie Radio moved to a new location in Raszynie. The station's first transmitter was a 10 kW unit, and later a 120 kW unit. The station broadcast in CHR format and later switched to DAB+.

The station's website provides information on the station and offers a variety of programs. Its website also has a section on music. The station also features interviews with prominent figures and provides a live debate on current events. They also offer a weekly newscast. Some of the popular programs that they broadcast are the "Tradycja i nowoczesnosc" and "Dziwny jest ten swiat". Polskie Radio has also been a pioneer in the use of DAB+ technology.

Polskie Radio's music programming includes classical music, pop, rock, and rap. They have programs such as "Dwojka" or "Dziga" that are dedicated to classical music and the arts. They also have programs that focus on foreign investments. The station also has a podcast. Polskie Radio also has a radiobook project. It publishes new titles every few months. This project is an attempt to promote the writing and literature of Polish people.

The station also broadcasts programs on Polish culture and scientific achievements. They have several language programs, and they also employ local journalists. The station also has a weekly newscast that includes local news. The station has a wide variety of content, and they are constantly working on new projects. They have also been a pioneer in using DAB+ technology, which allows them to expand their broadcast range. The station's website also provides a listing of all of its stations, and they can be listened to online. The station also has a beautiful application that allows you to listen to all of the Polish radio stations. It is one of the best applications available on the internet.

Polskie Radio is the oldest radio station in Europe. In addition to broadcasting popularno-naukowe programs, the station also broadcasts interviews with prominent figures. They also have a weekly newscast, and they broadcast programs that feature live debates. The station has also recently rebranded itself as Polish Radio. This was done in order to make the station more attractive to listeners. The new name is a more accurate representation of the station's content.

They have been a pioneer in using DAB+, and they have been compiling Polish music charts since 1982. They also have archives of Polish music charts from the early 20th century. They also compile Polish airplay rankings.

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